Bread classes


​​"I would whole-heartedly recommend these classes to anyone" - Jenny Powlson  


We run bread making classes in Twickenham. 

All classes cost £60 per person and run from 6.20pm-9.30pm.

They range from courses for beginners, (or for those who've tried a few times to make bread, but something just keeps going wrong!), to our Italian themed workshops, seasonal classes, sweetened dough, beer bread plus vegetable bread classes. Something for everyone!

They make a great present for a loved one, or for yourself. We are happy to provide our services for larger venues, including corporate events, please contact us for more information.

All classes include a bread tasting session, a glass of wine, or a non alcoholic beverage, plus a home baked treat! Lastly, you take ALL your bread home with you, plus our tried and tested recipes.

IMPORTANT: The ovens we use for classes have been used to cook other ingredients
which may contain allergens, including potential traces of soya and nuts.

How To Book
​All classes cost £60 per person.
                                                       Please email us at 
                                                                  or phone 07805 358 971.

Plaited and rustic bread

29th April  2019

Join us for an evening of plaited bread and wholemeal/seeded bread! The choice is yours - you can devote your evening to plaited bread and make a challah plus knotted seeded rolls, or you can make a wholemeal tin loaf, with either the knotted rolls or the challah too! Brilliant fun and not as confusing as it sounds!

Important: Ingredients used in this class include wheat (gluten),  buttermilk, milk, egg, butter, multi seeded flour

Croissants and cardamom rolls (sweetened dough class) 
 24th June 2019

What could be nicer than making your own croissants? We bring the dough with us to the class and you roll it out and shape it. Then we make lovely cinnamon cardamom buns. Bliss! 

Important: Ingredients used in this class include wheat (gluten),   milk, egg, butter

Other classes

We  run lots of classes - and are always happy to do bespoke classes for groups at reduced rates.  Here are some  classes that we'll be running soon. If you see anything you like, please email us. If you want to combine some ideas, email us and we'll see what we can do! 

Introduction To Bread Making
September 2019 (date tbc)

Our most poular class. You'll make a white tin loaf plus a soda bread. This class is for those who've never made bread or have tried and it didn't work out!

Christmas Class
November/December 2019 (date tbc)

Our legendary festive class! Swedish St Lucia rolls,
filled with saffron and cardamom, then followed by our version
of the classic German dish - Stollen. A great evening!

Focaccia class (Olive bread workshop)
​(Date tbc)

Olive infused bread is a beautiful addition to many meals. You'll make a rosemary and
sea salt focaccia (in the round) followed by a black olive fougasse. Wonderful!

Beer and vegetable bread workshop
(Date tbc)

Bread with ale? Bread with sweet potatoes? Beetroot focaccia? A wonderful, flavour filled excuse for making bread!

Still not sure? Here's a lovely testimonial from Jenny Powlson, who has done three classes with us, followed by some reviews from fellow bloggers!
Jenny Powlson: "I decided to start making bread when I constantly found myself running out at 9pm with three children who were bread devotees. 

Since my first class two years ago, I now make almost all of the bread we eat. The great thing about the classes is realising that there's no mystery about bread making - no need for fancy ingredients, or mega-ovens and no one fixed way to success.

I've found the classes relaxed, friendly and hugely informative. Both on the evening and in ongoing Twitter conversations afterwards.

It has been such a rewarding thing to have done,I would whole-heartedly recommend these classes to anyone who has ever thought it would be a useful skill to learn." 

Jenny at her first bread class in 2013

Here are some reviews of our classes: 

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Hope to see you soon!




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